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    Your present location:About Us

    Development Path


    Establish R&D Lab in 2017

    Relocated to Zhongshan Bar in 2016 to expand production


    Established Fujian Operation Center in 2015


    Established Chongqing Operations Center and established Jiangsu Operation Center in 2014


    In 2013, Zhongshan Ruibang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established and the Hubei Operation Center was established.


    Established Anhui Operation Center and Hunan Operation Center in 2012


    Established Harbin Operations Center in 2011 and established Tianjin Operations Center


    Established Henan Operation Center and Established Qinghai Operation Center in 2010


    2009 Shenyang Shenyang Operations Center


    Established Beijing Operation Center in 2008


    Established East China Operations Center in 2007


    Into the outdoor lighting industry in 2006, the establishment of Shenzhen Ruibang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.